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How many Privates can say were ever 2IC?

So there we were at Ohikik, Cpl HB, OC and The sleg troep, 2IC and the sleg troep forgot something on the weekly rat run order, suddenly remembered after the run had left Omauni and thinking maybe they’d send out the Reaction force.

WR was not impressed and advised the sleg troep to walk to take 4 chaps and walk to Omauni to fetch said stuff, I am buggered if I can remember why the shit was that important, that it couldn’t wait a week.



The sleg troep being the lazy fuck that he was, figured that there were Donkeys and he was going to ride, A second class ride being better than a first-class walk they say. He never considered why the Bushmen thought it was a crap idea to ride 18k’s on a Burro.

Long story short, A donkey is not designed for comfort, The spine is perfectly positioned to split the cheeks of your arse and rub anything in contact with it raw. I recall having severe pain only a few times in my life, When the love of my life used me as a support for her feet during the birth of my daughter. The bruises ran from hip to armpit.

The other is being the proud owner of a Hiatus hernia. That shit can bend you over and break all your desire to keep living. That is like having a hot poker shoved in the centre of your belly and getting no relief for hours,

And of course the Donkey. Before you ask, yes I have broken bones, wrist, elbow and I detached my fingers with a table saw. None of those compared with the blisters in my arse crack.

I walked, nay limped back to Ohikik with the goodies on the back of the beast. I don’t think I have forgiven WR for that yet. I’d rather have carried the ammo case on the chandelier.