Add some value stupid

Man am I tired of the stupid. The internet is the ideal vehicle for discussing issues, for helping solve the world’s problems and then of course for Memes and pron.
The thing though is that there is a time an a place for everything. If I want to watch pron I’ll go looking for it. I love memes on my timeline.
dumbest meme
A funny meme in the right place is enough to destroy an argument, support an argument or even just prove how stupid you are.
I like words, words add value, If you want to argue with me, hell, be my guest, if you offer a reasoned and well thought out argument I will engage, If you have a stupid argument I may tell you to go play chess with pigeons.
What really is going to piss me off is a meaningless meme dropped in like it means something. I see the same few memes over and over, like they are supposed to add value and all I see is a poster that has nothing important or even intelligent to add.
Even the dumbest of comments is better than a stupid meme.

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